I’m not ready for a Mysore Class!

Happy New Year folks!

Any of you promised yourself that you will try a Mysore style class in the New Year but are now talking yourself out of it?       Well, Neil has written a few common questions addressing some of your fears………..and hopefully you will find some answers!!!

1) I don’t know the series…. it will be embarrassing when I get it wrong!!!!!

If you know the sun salutations and have a pretty good idea of standing then you are ready.
We all get to that place when the mind completely shuts down and refuses to tell us what’s next, so we ask the teacher, he or she has been there for sure, then you go through the next few postures with your teacher, and number 1 you have learnt and probably won’t forget those again, number 2, you realise it was not embarrassing and know one apart from you and the teacher was even interested, everyone else has there own demons!!!!!

We won’t mention names for this example, we will say a teacher, and a student that had been away from ashtanga for a few years came to a few led classes then came back to mysore, after the student had completed standing the teacher noticed they were doing bujapidasana, (arm balance) the teacher asking is everything ok? “Oh sorry have I missed one?” Well closer to fourteen postures actually!!!!! but don’t worry let’s go back to where you should be!!!! Needless to say both parties had a good laugh and things were talked through and learnt, another day’s practice is done!!!!!

2) I’m not advanced enough for a mysore class!!!!

There were no led classes to begin with, most of our advanced teachers today that were taught in the 70s and early 80s learnt Sun salutations one day, then standing, and slowly the rest of primary, ie a mysore class and then in turn they taught this way to others, it was a while before the led class we know today was being used.
So it does not matter if you are advanced or a relative beginner, you are all in a mysore class to be helped with the next stage in your practice, what ever that may be. Every one in that class had a first day!!!!!
There are a couple of people in our mysore class that in my mind seem to be advanced in yoga, neither one is overly flexible or strong, neither gifted anatomically and both have started because of various injuries. But I can hear their constant strong breath all through the class and almost feel their mental focus throughout, they have had to focus on their breath and what is happening internally to make any gain at all, and it’s really working, its amazing to see.
Of course that is not to say the flexible and strong don’t make gains as well, they do and believe me they have their own insecurities to deal with just the same, but please don’t think you need to be flexible and strong to start, that will come. Just begin from where your starting point is.
So turn up, stick your mat down and get your first mysore class done!!!!!


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