Yoga Stops Traffick

14907048_1135370623165771_4229183260014904861_n8am, Sunday 5th March,

Please join us for 27 Sun Salutations, Cake & Chai whilst raising money for the Odanadi Trust- £10-(inc Cake & Chai). Three ways to make you feel good!

A one-day global yoga event created to raise awareness of and funds for the anti-trafficking organisation Odanadi Seva Trust.

One day, one voice,
Yoga Stops Traffick was set up in 2010 by a group of volunteers in Mysore, India. They wanted to do something to help rescue & rehabilitate children & women that had been the victims of human trafficking,survivors of slavery, domestic abuse and forced prostitution. Through the common language of yoga, 3,000 people around the world united in support of Odanadi’s work and rolled out their mats in homes, beaches and mountaintops on the same day. From the home of ASHTANGA in Mysore, a worldwide event was born.

Ashtanga Yoga is of huge significance to the young people of Odanadi. As part of their rehabilitation program, it has allowed them to reclaim their bodies; build physical and mental strength, and restore a sense of peace, confidence and self-worth.

By standing alongside them, you will be demonstrating your solidarity and support for them, as well as sending a message of defiance against a world which allows these horrific abuses to take place.

Now is your chance to make a difference, take part in Yoga Stops Traffick.

About Odanadi Seva Trust
Odanadi is a pioneering anti-trafficking organisation based in Mysore, South India, works for the rescue, rehabilitation and reintegration of trafficked women and children. For the past 20 years Odanadi has been committed to providing a safe haven for survivors of human trafficking, sexual exploitation, slavery, domestic abuse and destitution.

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