Pinch,Punch (well a gentle tap) its the first of the Month!

Spring has almost sprung

It is the 1st of March today & firstly I would like to say a huge Thank you to all our wonderful AYE community, whether you have visited our little Shala once, a hundred times or even if you just follow us on Facebook  (with the intention of coming to a class one day!). You are all valuable members of our beautiful, growing Ashtanga community.

Along with the days getting longer, the weather getting warmer (please God!) we have lots of things happening at Ashtanga Yoga exmouth this month;

We are joining our fellow Ashtangi’s around the World & hosting our own Yoga Stops Traffick event at 8am on Sunday 5th, 27 sun salutations, meditation, relaxation, Chai & cake. All welcome (let us know if you are coming).

Our ‘Beginners/Transition to Mysore style class’ begins on the 16th March, 6pm.  Lots of you have signed up for this already but still space for more.  Please contact us for details or to register your interest.

My Brother,Neil, comes home toward the end of the month after his travels & time with Nancy Gilgoff at The House of Zen, Maui. He has learned more than ever this year and is looking forward to coming home to our Shala and sharing with us.

We will be getting together our New Spring/Summer Schedule this month too. We have gone through all your questionnaires and have listened to you so hopefully there is something to suit everybody. Among the new classes will be a Mysore intensive & Weekend classes and workshops. Your regular classes will stay the same.

And lastly, on Wednesday 29th March Neil and I’s Dad (Reggie Richardson) will be 90 years old. I realise this is not directly related to our AYE Shala but it is quite a big deal so I thought I would mention it!

Our Dad is a big supporter of AYE, although he does not really ‘get’ the yoga – he appreciates & loves Neil’s ‘wonderful skills in carpentry’. Dads understanding of Yoga, though, has improved greatly after bumping in to an very old friend that he fought along side with during the War. Dad told his friend of our Yoga Shala & his friend (who is 93) told him of his own love of Yoga. Apparently he has been practicing it since 1945 & he credits it for his longevity and his recovery from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Interesting, as we tend to think that Yoga came to the west much later. Maybe Dads friend was posted in India at some point all those years ago.

Our Dad practices Yoga in other ways- he is a very kind person & does lots for others – as long as it is in the morning so that he can have his lunch and a nice long snooze (Savasana) in the afternoon.

So roll on Spring/summer…… We are ready

Gratitude Yogi’s


Our Dad


4 thoughts on “Pinch,Punch (well a gentle tap) its the first of the Month!

  1. Your Dad’s looking in good health and happy.
    There is a very interesting book called “The Yoga of Health Youth and Joy” by Sir Paul Dukes KBE. He was born in 1889 and spent some time as a spy in Russia after 1917 and then spent time in the Himalayas where he took up yoga. He set up a yoga shala in London in the 50s and did some demonstrations for the BBC. He did quite a bit to spread yoga in India and reportedly received thanks from the then Indian Prime Minister (Nehru) for his efforts “in spreading knowledge of Yoga in India.” Perhaps because of his ‘spy’ background he worked on yoga with the Indian Army and perhaps your dad’s friend had the benefit of some of Sir Paul’s efforts.

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    1. Thank you for that Tony, amazing. I will have a look foe that book. Neil and I are hoping to have a chat with dads friend soon so Im hoping he will remember where his yoga journey began. Jinty x


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