Mothering is my first practice……


“Our Mother is our first Teacher, then our father. It takes 100 fathers to make one mother; she is the primary Guru. We must always keep these three in our prayers”
R. Sharath Jois.

Happy Mothers Day to all our Yogini’s- the mothers & the daughters, those that still have their mums & those that do not.

Being a mum is not always an easy job, for most mums we put our family first and can often lose sight of who and what we are. Our priorities change when we have a child, things that had seemed so important now fade to an insignificant memory when faced with becoming a parent. A wild all-nighter now consists of crying, waking & feeding.

Although being a Mum is my first practice, Ashtanga is my second, it is my comfort blanket, my safe place.  It is here on my mat, on my own (if I am lucky), where I face myself, get to know myself again, find out who I am. I can not hide. Ashtanga is a healing practice for body and mind and I found that when my children were small and time was very short those 10 minute practices were so important. I made time because I knew that I was a better mother because of my practice. It gave me peace of mind, patience, energy & an awareness that if I was mindful to my own body & mind needs I was better tuned to that of my three children’s.

‘Daily Practice will make us fitter parents. Tired & parenting is a given. Surely it is easier to parent tired and contented than tired and frustrated’ Dena Kingsberg, long time Ashtangi practitioner.

As our children grow so can our practice but there is no rush. Enjoy your practice whether it is 10 minutes or 90 & once you have had your ‘me time’ you are free to enjoy your first practice of mothering without resentment…..just ‘being’.

Guruji said that having a family was the seventh Ashtanga series… Have you seen the sixth? Ashtanga is a Householders Yoga practice, Guruji understood the difficulties of having a family.
So to those of you trying to squeeze in a practice between feeding, chauffeuring, working, counselling, hugging, wiping, cleaning, playing, shouting, crying & laughing.
You are all Amazing ❤🙏🏼❤️

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