Our Shala, Your Shala

Shala is a Sanskrit word for Home.

A Yoga Shala is a place of Yoga, a place to gather with other students of Traditional Yoga to share, experience and grow.

Next week Neil and I begin the next phase in our Shala, teaching together again and we can’t wait. Neil will also be working hard on phase two of our Shala which is putting in a bathroom, changing area, small kitchen (Chai, coffee & cake for workshops anyone?). We hope this will not cause any inconvenience to our day time classes but will keep you informed of any noise disturbances that may have to happen.

We feel that we, (Neil, I and you guys) have built, and continue to build, a wonderful Yoga family, a community that comes together not only for their own practice but to help others. It is an honour to share this beautiful practice with you and we would like you to think of the AYE Shala as YOUR Shala, your safe place, your haven, whatever you would like to call it. For this reason it will not be used for anything other than our own ashtanga classes, some guest ashtanga teacher workshops in the future and meditation to enhance spiritual growth.

I’d like to leave you a great text (name and some content has been changed to protect the student…ha ha ha) that sums up the magic of this practice and the reason that as long as Neil & I can we will be sharing it with you.

Brilliant practice today, thanks. I walked away with so much, and again found all my questions answered. Also was nice to talk so freely with my Yogi friends, Ive never felt so accepted as I was today, My hangover of hate was gone. Feeling good after practice, feeling strong”

Thank you AYE community, we look forward to our spring and summer together.

Jinty, Neil and Our Shala




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