It’s Yoga o’Clock


6 day Mysore Intensive

We have a new course which begins on Sunday 8th October, 7-9am and continues every day from 6-8am until Friday 13th October 2017.

A week of early morning self practice with Neil.
Our Shala doors will open between 6 – 8am.
Arrive anytime after 6am (as long as your practice is finished by 8am)
We will be here to teach, share, watch, guide, adjust & prompt you.
The benefits of practicing daily, in a group, with a teacher are many. You will learn a lot about yourself & your practice, you will gain strength & flexibility.
In a Led class our instruction is generalised, whereas a Mysore class is specific to you, your practice and your body.
We can look at modifications for any injury or past traumas, or how to move further in to a posture that you may feel is holding you back, using breath & bandhas & a wealth of experience.

Imagine doing this every day for 6 days. If you have never had the opportunity of a daily Mysore programme now is your chance to find out what it is all about – (without having to take time off work for a retreat).
To get the full benefit we would prefer you to do the full course but understand this may be impossible for some so you may do as many days as you can.

Sunday 8th October 7-9am
Monday 9th-Friday 13th October 6-8am

6 day course £50
1 – 5 days at £10 per class.

Booking preferred,

look forward to seeing you there

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