A child’s mind

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Over the Summer Holidays, to make it easier for our ‘Ashtanga Happy Hour’ regulars to keep up their classes at AYE, they may bring their children. The children that have attended so far have loved it, so much so that one 7 year old has started teaching his brother at home. Photo above is Lauri teaching Marishyasana A.

Kids are great, they have no expectation of themselves, they have no goals in yoga, they just do it and if they can’t do it, they do what they can with no embarrassment, expectation or frustration. Yet as ‘grown-ups’ we can feel all those things…. Why? When does the playfulness stop and the seriousness begin?

It has reminded me (again) to begin my own daily practice with a child’s mind.  Perhaps you can do this too. Maybe you have an Injury or have reached a plateau in your practice or can’t practice as much because the kids are on holiday? As frustrating as this may seem it is all good, we can choose to be angry and annoyed (who gains anything from this?) or choose to enjoy every breath, every moment of our practice for what it is. Laugh at ourselves,see the lighter side and learn much patience. Yoga is so much more than the Asana.

Laurie told his Aunt Lyn, who brings him to yoga, “I like to do yoga everyday because it means I have a good day. It wakes me up and then I can run around all day” Well ain’t that the truth?! He’s not worrying whether he bound his hands in Marishyasana C (he can), or how far his forward fold reached, he enjoyed his yoga practice, then he was able to enjoy his day even more. Isn’t that what it is all about?

His mum told me that, as Laurie was teaching his brother, he was saying “don’t forget to keep breathing” and “if it hurts then don’t do it”.  How cool that he was listening to me (more than my own kids, but hey)?

If we are struggling with an injury, lack of motivation or any of the problems mentioned earlier maybe we could all follow Laurie’s advice in our next practice and remember why you practice…… so that you can have a good day!

Love and Kindness with special thanks to Laurie,




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