30 Days Hath September……


‘Every Summer has its own story, hope your’s has a happy ending’

How did we get here already? Back to work, back to school, new shoes, new uniform, new class, new jobs for some & the night’s start drawing in. September, for most, is a month of changes, getting back to a routine after the long awaited holidays.  Nearly everyone I speak to is ready for the routine too, as much as we want to go on holiday to get away from it, we love get back to our daily, organised (in some cases) regime.

We hope that you all had a great summer. It has been great to see everyone coming to classes in between holidays & beach days. Here at AYE we have kept ourselves busy- the Ashtanga Happy Hours have been good with some of you bringing your eager, very well behaved children along.  We have decided to keep the Monday Happy hour at 17.30pm to allow for anyone that is at school, college or work.



We have also just finished a fantastic week with 8 Royal Ballet Dancers.  Yoga is brilliant for dancers, who are already flexible & supple but can be prone to injury and anxiety.  The Yoga helps balance their flexibility with strength which protects the joints and muscles. Teaching them how to Ujji breathe and use their breath with movement (Vinyasa) not only helps release toxins but calms a busy, anxious mind which they can use at any time whether practicing the asana (posture) limb of ashtanga yoga or getting ready for a performance. One student summed it up in one sentence;

“I have learnt a new way of relaxing, stretching and strengthening all in one!”

We are already planning, and looking forward to, another Summer school with them next year.


A new Intro to Ashtanga  course begins this month on Tuesday 19th @ 17.45-18.45pm, and runs for 3 consecutive weeks. Still a couple of spaces left, booking required, click on link for more info.

Neil and I are both looking forward to catching up with our Teacher Nancy Gilgoff this month too. Neil from 9th -16th Sept and myself from 29th Sept-1stOct. So we are packing a lot in to our 30 days of September.

Coming up in October we are running another 6 day Mysore Intensive (8th-13th October).  If you missed the last one, this is your last chance this year! Most students that completed this last time around are doing it again. It is great for your practice but also for your self esteem. Take your practice to the next level. Having a changing room with a shower may make it easier for some of you who may like to go straight to work afterward, why not have a coffee or tea too. We prefer you to do the full week but understand this is not always possible so speak to us if you would like to do a few days.


Finally, we have another Workshop on Saturday 21st October, 8.30-10.30am with coffee and Q&A afterward if you can stay. Taking bookings for all these now (limited spaces),  text or email. 


Look forward to seeing you all at your favourite classes



-William Cullen Bryant







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