Happy New Year!

What will 2018 have in store for you?

Do you have plans, expectations, goals?
Plans are great but expectation not so much. Trouble with expectations is that they are not in the present.
We set ourselves up for disappointment either in ourselves or in someone close. This can lead to resentment and bad feeling which, if we are not mindful, can fester.
January is the master of Resolutions which carry huge expectations.
So if your Resolution involves more Yoga thats fantastic, try to have a plan but……….. not an expectation of ‘how many times you will practice’ or ‘how long you will practice’ or any goals like ‘by the time Neil gets back I will be able to do blah blah blah’.
If you do the work ALL these things will happen anyway and you will learn so much more along the way.
The work is not in the thinking, (in fact we are trying to let go of that) it is in the doing.
Take it one practice at a time, yes some of us need to plan baby sitters, work etc around classes, but don’t give yourself a hard time if it doesn’t work out, (by the same token don’t make excuses either! Stop thinking and DO)
Believe me whan I tell you that your teachers have no expectations of you…….Okay ……maybe one…….to turn up, get on your mat and begin……Om Shanti
Nb; the photo of Jesse the yoga dog is to grab your attention but please note that she has no expectations or resolutions and is one happy dog!

Wishing all our wonderful Ashtanga family an absolutely brilliant 2018 xxx


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