New AYE Beginners Programme


AYE Have your Back

We are thrilled to tell you about our new Beginners Programme @ AYE beginning April 2018.

Having run a lot of beginners/Intro courses over the years we have developed our Beginners Programme.

Things you need to know;

1) This is a 6 week (or 6 class) course.

2) You can start at any point (don’t have to wait for a specific date).

3) You can complete your 6 classes over 6 weeks (1 class per week) or 3 weeks (2 classes a week).

4) You will be taught in the traditional method, at your own pace, in this way we can ensure injuries or ailments within the body are allowed for & aided.

5) Each class will build from the previous one, adding postures when ready,  Ashtanga Yoga follows a sequence of postures in which students (eventually) commit to memory.

6) You have two days in the week to choose from (or do both), Sundays @7am, Thursdays @ 6.30pm.

7) You will be in a small class with 2 teachers.

8) You will learn the postures of the Primary series to a point appropriate for you.

9) By the end of your course you will be confident in your own Ashtanga Practice so that you may practice at home and/or be part of any of any Ashtanga class.


*Included in the programme price is your own brand new Yoga Mat and entry to 4 of our other classes for you to try.

We have found that coming with a friend or partner really helps with motivation and practice at home so we have a special price to reflect this.


1) Yoga Mat,
2) 6 x ‘beginners programme’ classes,
3) A choice of 4 other classes (while on the programme),
4) Hand outs of the Ashtanga Primary Series.

£75 per person or £130 for 2 people.

We look forward to welcoming you into our friendly & growing community at our purpose built Shala, AYE.

Contact us for any more info or share with anyone that is interested in starting Astanga Yoga

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