Free Ashtanga Yoga taster class


Friday 18th January 6.30-8pm,  This is a FREE class with Jinty for beginners to Ashtanga Yoga.

It is open to anyone that is keen to learn Ashtanga Yoga but does not know where to start.
In this class you will learn the FUNdementals of Ashtanga, the similarities & how it differs from other types of yoga, a little of its traditional roots and, of course, a practice.
Plus time for any questions you may have too.

Afterward a Hot drink & a chance for a chat with Jinty & your fellow practitioners, to discuss where you go from here.
Please only apply for a place if you are serious about wanting to commit to a Yoga practice.
There will be lots of help available for you.
Apply only via email please, to Jinty at
Look forward to welcoming you to our AYE community 😊



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