AYE Update

How are you?

We hope that you are alright and are managing to navigate your way to who knows where in this crazy period we are in. The only way is through as they say!

We are all ok here at AYE.  Neil made it back safely from Thailand, earlier than planned before they closed borders.

We hope that you are managing to practice.  It can be difficult, even if we have time on our hands, sometimes the motivation is just not there. If this is the case check out our 15 minute practice on our new YouTube channel. Trust me, you will feel so much better for it.

We have lots of practices on our channel, depending on how you are feeling.

Also new for us is our Live ZOOM classes both guided primary, you can choose to do the Full practice or half Primary. We have had great feedback, the next best thing to being together.




Free for anyone that has been financially affected,

2 Virtual Classes for one of your class passes or

Donation via bac’s

email or text to book and we will send you the link

Sending love and kindness to you all,

see you sooner, in your living room,

or later, in the Shala,


Jinty and Neil



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