Home practice

Some Tips if you need some motivation.

rolled up mat

Is this what your Yoga mat looks like most of the time during lockdown? Rolled up, gathering dust. Do you only touch it to move it out of the way? 😱
If so You’re not on you’re own. 😀
Motivation to practice at home is not easy – it is often harder than the practice itself. But here are a few tips which may help:
1) ☀️ Plan just 15 minutes for your practice, you may feel like doing a bit more once you start but 15 minutes is a great practice. 🧘‍♀️
🌑 Do Not plan or try to crash out a 90 minute full practice when you haven’t been on your mat for 9weeks. You may hurt yourself and you will definitely take away any motivation to practice for the next day 😧
2) ☀️ Set a time that suits you (& family), early morning? Evening? When family go out?
🌑 Don’t think the right time will just happen, you have to make time happen.
3) ☀️ Put some motivational music on 🎶
🧘‍♀️ Don’t think everything has to be a certain way- it is your practice, in your home, if it helps do it 🤘
4) ☀️ Remember how good the Yoga makes you feel afterward and know that your day will be better if you practice 😊
🌑 Don’t talk yourself out of it because you stubbed your toe or got a paper cut yesterday 🤭
5)☀️ Forget about when you last practiced, today’s practice is all that matters 🧘🏻‍♂️
🌑 Don’t talk yourself out of a practice because you think you’ve lost your strength/flexibility/headstand- it won’t come back unless you…….practice 😏
6)☀️ Lay your mat out, sit on it with an espresso before you practice. The espresso may motivate you more to begin with! ☕️
🌑 Don’t lay your mat out, make a big pot of coffee and start reading a magazine 📖
the coffee will still be hot in 15minutes post practice 👏
We hope this helps. Don’t feel bad for not practicing but don’t let the fact that you haven’t so far stop you either. 🤨
Drop us a line if we can help support you any more 🙄🙏🏼
Jinty and Neil x
When you do get on your mat, practice so that you look forward (not dread) the next one 🙏🏼


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