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How are you?

We hope that you are doing well. Today is the 4th of July, the day that we are able to get our hair cut, have a meal out or go to the Pub! But we still cant practice together in the same space.

Neil and I will only open for classes when we know that we can keep it safe for everyone and that time is not now.  To keep a social distance in our Shala would mean classes of 4 or 5, added to this the fact that in Ashtanga we sweat (a lot), jump around a bit (not always keeping to our mats) and Breathe.

We can offer private classes in the Shala for those in a social bubble together, and we continue our Zoom online, live weekly classes. Plus you can find free classes with us on our YouTube Channel. You can also connect with the AYE community through our Facebook page, groups and Instagram.



The online classes and social media connection has been wonderful for Neil and I and, I believe, for most of you that have tried it.  Some of you have said that they have kept you going throughout lockdown. And they have inspired you to begin that home practice that has eluded you for years!  Yay! No, it is not quite the same but it does have many benefits. We were been able to do the classes for free to begin with as we both felt we did not want to profit from an already difficult situation for most folks.  As time has gone on you asked if you could pay and this has been very much appreciated. This also feels as it should be for now as time is moving on and folk are more aware of their financial circumstances, but we continue to keep the cost as low as we can and offer our classes completely free if you have been, or still are financially affected by the crisis.

We are also adding Pop up Classes such as Sunday 5th July, a Mysore Class from afar! Still time to register. Jinty is doing Menopause Yoga Workshops and Classes too, these may be face to face earlier than we can teach Ashtanga as we have smaller groups and we don’t move around as much. We are still optimistic that the Menopause Yoga retreat day will happen this year.

For both of us personally our Yoga and Meditation has been key to getting through this period. Like you, we have faced difficulties, situations that have tested us to the max, this is when our Yoga is needed most.

For now, our weekly classes remain the same but may change if you require them to. So please keep communicating with us. If you come to a morning class that is going to be impossible for you to get to soon, because of work or school, then please let us know, if enough folk ask we can run an evening class on zoom.

We are very grateful for your support and friendship,

sending you Loving Kindness,

Jinty and Neil


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