Shala Opening after Lockdown

Are you ready to dip your toes in to a face to face Class in our Shala?

We are planning our first classes back after Lockdown;

Sunday 2nd August – 7am – Mysore

Monday 3rd August – 7pm – Guided Full or Half Primary

This is new for us all so can we work together?🙏

We will have 6 students and 1 teacher so you will feel safe and get plenty of space and attention (that’s a good thing🤪)

If the spaces get filled quickly we will put on more classes, if they are not full they will not take place.
Sorry but this the only way we can offer classes presently (without a massive price rise). It is so difficult.

Please only book via email or the booking button on our Facebook page.
Pre paid or class passes to confirm booking.

Our Classes on Zoom will remain going for now too.

Love and gratitude for your support near and far,

Jinty and Neil 🤗

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