October Mysore

Last weeks full moon.

Heading in to Autumn like ‘what the heck happened to Spring and Summer?’
How are things with you?

Autumn is a time of change and as the children go back to school and University they will notice this change more than In previous years. And so will we as we start to get back into clubs, groups or work that were once our familiar routine. We may be nervous, we might be full of enthusiasm or we may have decided to make significant changes to our old routines. All of those choices are okay. I think it is important to follow what you are comfortable with (as long as it does not effect negatively those around you) without judgment of others that you may feel are either too lapse or too careful.

This is why we are taking our classes from month to month, adding and taking away where there is demand.
For now we have dropped the Friday morning Zoom class and added a Wednesday Evening Guided Primary in the Shala.
We have also added a Saturday 4 week course, Ashtanga In-Depth which is now full (waiting list available) and a Menopause Yoga Workshop /Retreat which is also full.

We are also adding 4 Mysore classes every Thursday From 1st October, 7pm.
This will be available to book soon and we would prefer folk to book all four classes for consistency but understand this may be difficult for some of you so they are all available to book separately.

We also hope to add a ‘Not Ashtanga’ class soon.
This class will give you a chance to unwind and soften your practice (if you already have more of a yang type practice like Ashtanga).
Suitable for beginners to Yoga and Pregnant women too.

Present timetable;

Monday’s 7pm Guided Primary

Wednesday’s 7pm Guided Primary

Sunday’s 7am Mysore

From 19th September Ashtanga In-depth course (4 Saturday mornings)

Sunday 27th September MY workshop 1-4,30pm

From 1st October Thursday 7pm Mysore (4 classes)

starting soon – Not Ashtanga class

Thank you for your continued support whether via the Shala classes or videos, we hope to see you all soon.

Jinty and Neil

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