Autumn News

Hello and how are you? Autumn always feels like a time of change doesn’t it? At AYE we are getting used to the changes that have had to be made because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our booking system is working well, making it easier for you to view and book our classes online and also making sure that we don’t over book! Keeping a 2 metre distance allows enough space for a maximum of six, plus a teacher, in the Shala. Unfortunately because we cannot teach as many of you in one class it has meant that some folk cannot always get in. It is worth going on the waiting list, you will be emailed as soon as someone cancels.

In many ways this period of change has been positive. It gives us all the chance to re-evaluate where we are in our lives, personally and professionally. For Neil and I The smaller classes have enabled us to work closer (metaphorically not literally) with those that have been able to attend so that we now have more home practitioners than ever. This has always been our goal. To teach and support you so that you may find peace and sanctuary in your own practice, at home or when travelling, which if done 6 days a week can bring so much contentment to every aspect of your life.

guess who?

Our Ashtanga Yoga In-Depth course of workshops has been amazing and we may never have run this type of class had it not been for the pandemic. Here is some of the feedback we have had;

Its been a wonderful 4 weeks. Learnt so much about yoga and myself’


A huge Thank you for running the workshops, Ive enjoyed every minute and the impact the daily practice is having on life is huge. The workshop created a sacred space and I think allowed a string of new patterns and intentions to my yoga practice


Our Thursday Mysore classes are now a 4 week course (3 week, leading up to Christmas) where possible and we are aiming to do this with all our classes. Presently adding dates and classes gradually, being mindful that each week could bring new challenges to our daily lives.

I am very pleased to announce a new Thursday Morning class;

The Yoga Express
Yoga ‘Coorie’ Class (A hug in a class)

Thursdays 10am

60 minutes

After nearly 8 months of physical distancing a lot of us are feeling the need for a wee ‘coorie’.
In case you are not familiar with coorie, it is a Scottish word which, according to Gabriella Bennett’s controversial book The art of Coorie, means ‘The Scottish art of deriving comfort, wellbeing and energy from wild landscapes and convivial interiors’ also ‘ A hug of a word’

My husband often uses it, he is Scottish and according to my ethnicity test so am I- well 17% of me is! (& so is my name if you’ve ever been curious)

But a coorie is more than a hug, it’s a feeling. A feeling of comfort, love and belonging and, Blimey, don’t most of us need a bit of this right now.

According to a well known ( & always correct 😉 online encyclopaedia, coorie also means ‘to stoop, bend and crouch for protection’ sounds like a few Yoga postures that I know.

So I will be combining Ashtanga Yoga and Restorative Yoga with some Functional movement thrown in to make a Coorie of a class for you.
So that you may feel energised & strong but also nurtured and restored with a sense of belonging.
This will hopefully stay with you through the weekend until you need your next wee coorie.

This will be good for beginner or an experienced practitioner.

A course of 4 Thursdays, beginning Thursday 29th October, Available to book from 17th October,

Price – 4 class pass credits or £8 per class. if you like them we will do another course.
For continuity I would prefer you to book all four but understand this is not always possible.

Our class passes now have over 6 month validity because you may not always be able to get into the class of your choice. By gradually adding more classes we hope to overcome this eventually.

A Tuesday led class, taught by Sylvia, will also be coming in November.

Neil still hopes to go somewhere warm for the Winter so will be leaving us at the end of October as usual. We cant get rid of him that easily though as, due to the success of zoom during lockdown, we have learned what a great tool this can be. So expect him to be zooming in to the Shala every now and then.

I also have some good Menopause Yoga ideas brewing for November, so keep an eye out for updates on that and please share with any women you know this may help.

Stay safe and keep everything crossed that we can stay open all winter, but at least if things change again a lot more of you now know what a home practice looks like.


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