Spring Newsletter

coming out of Lockdown

Today as the Sun shines and the birds sing there is a feeling of Spring. And most of us will breathe a sigh of relief at the thought of the freedom that is (hopefully) just around the corner.

One of my Teachers ( at the OCHS) and friend, Daniel Simpson, has written a wonderful book called The Truth of Yoga, I can highly recommend it.  When we can open up the Shala to more folk Daniel plans to come and talk to us about his book, have a Q&A and a book signing which will be great. We hope you will join us.

Bhagavad-Gitā 6.5

One should uplift the Soul by means of the Soul,One should not let the Soul become disheartened,For the Soul, alone, is the friend of the Soul,And the Soul, alone, can be the enemy of the Soul.

Translation by Zoë Slatoff

I have been busy starting a new Podcast with a good friend, Louise. It is called Womenkind Collective and is a light hearted weekly podcast about all things women (although you don’t have to be a women to enjoy it).

We would like to make sure that the every life of a women is given a voice, from periods, pregnancy and menopause to health, food, friendship and relationships.

We would love you to join us in the Collective you can listen here or our first episode below. If you enjoy it, it would really help us if you subscribe, follow, and leave a review on your favourite podcast platform (its on most).

Boobs, Books & never stop laughing at the Fart WomenKind Collective

In the final episode of Series 1 of Womenkind Collective Jinty and Lou celebrate the amazing guests and topics that we have met throughout our first Series. We also delve into boob talk, would you #frretheboob as Gillian Anderson has? We talk about the original girl gang, The Pink Ladies as Paramount announce this week they are making a prequel to Grease centered on the Pink Ladies. Why did male police officers dressed as postal workers handcuff an undressed female student in her bedroom? And we find out what the Collective loved most about Series 1 and listen again to some beautiful tips for life from our guests.   Boobs… is it time to free the boob as Gillian Anderson is encouraging women to do? We look into the pros and cons of free boobing and discuss the (intentional) under-boob look that is hot for this summer ???   Kill the Bill and Sarah Everard – what have we learned from a vigil, a demonstration and the right for a voice? The Collective discuss Katie McGoran a student who endured being handcuffed in her bedroom whilst undressed by 4 male police officers.   The Book Collective continues with Marvellous’s story in ‘A year of Marvellous Ways’, by Sarah Winman. We read out some beautiful lines that resonate and find that we manage to easily segue from Marvellous to vagina tightening…! Only at Womenkind Collective would you get this much diverse conversation!   Continuing with Brain Food for our Foodie Collective we give you the Neuro 6 Chilli (recipe below) So how did Lou do with her WI? And did Jinty enjoy her Strawberry jam challenge?   The Wine Collective pops their corks on the Mionetto prosecco and the non-alcoholic Belle & Co on a balmy evening in the garden.   We close the Collective this series with comments, and tips from our amazing Collective and some of the fantastic guests that we have enjoyed on the podcast.   Thank you joining us throughout the first Series of Womenkind Collective, if you haven’t yet listened to them all why not catch up before Series 2 begins on Sunday 22nd August. Please leave us a message from this link https://anchor.fm/jinty-sheerin/message Or email us at womenkindcollective@gmail.com With any suggestions or comments or to just say hi. Recipe Neuro 6 Chilli Feeds 4 1 onion Spinach (lots) 1 red pepper 1 tin red kidney beans 1 tin black beans 1 large jar Passata or 2 tins tomatoes Tomato purée 2 chopped tomatoes (optional) Vegan mince (optional) Sweet potato, chopped and roasted (optional) 1tsp turmeric 1tsp smoked paprika 1 tsp ground cumin seeds 1 tsp chilli powder (or more – to taste) EVOO 1 Tbsp dark chocolate On the side; 1 cup of tea Broccoli or cauliflower Brown rice or quinoa 1 Avacado Method; Chop onion Add some EVOO to a sauce pan, put on a medium heat Cook onions until soft (10 mins) Add all the spices and cook for a further 2 minutes Add tomato purée, cook for 1 minute Add passata or chopped tomatoes Bring to simmer Add roasted sweet potato or vegan mince Add seasoning to taste Simmer for 45 mins Put on brown rice to cook for required time Cook broccoli or cauliflower Add both beans to chilli Add Chocolate to chilli Once chocolate is dissolved add washed spinach Kettle on, make a cuppa, Serve chilli with Avacado (chopped), brown rice, vegetables, vegan creme fraiche And a cup of black or green tea
  1. Boobs, Books & never stop laughing at the Fart
  2. Cake & Heroes
  3. A Woman’s Brain in Menopause, with Tonya Keane
  4. Menopause with Dr Sarah Ball
  5. Everyone’s Invited. Ofsted & Girls only Assemblies

The first day of the Meteorological Spring has already begun on 1st March but the Astrological Spring begins this Saturday, 20th March, the Spring Equinox, marking the return of a warmer climate, longer days and most importantly for all of us in the UK, change.

I think this is change that we are all ready for. With more than 24 million people in the UK vaccinated (first dose) so far, we hope to feel safer as we gingerly sneak out of Lockdown.

We hope that you are all okay and that lockdown has not been too difficult or painful for you. Both Neil and I have been using this time for Svadyāya – self study and learning. 

For me, in between my other jobs as family PA, cook, cleaner, mentor, teacher, dog walker and general dogs body- Ha  
As well as learning through Asana, my physical practice, I am currently exploring Ethics and sustainability in the Yoga world plus delving deeper into Yoga Anatomy and Philosophy.

Both Neil and I hope to bring new classes and workshops to AYE so that when we open we can give our students the opportunity to explore these subjects for themselves. There will definitely be some Spring Changes to our class schedule and also to the classes themselves.

It is so wonderful to see so many of you very week on screen, making space in your home and in your lives, it really does make my day. But don’t worry if you’ve not found the time, every day is a new day and our practice is there to give us joy, not to be another burden. If you’d like to start at home again and need some motivation please message

Our rough plan right now is this

March 29th – No change

April 12th – The Shala will open for private classes, family or social bubbles and 1-2-1’s

May 17th – Open the Shala for classes (we are not sure if we will be limited to the rule of 6 yet)

June 21st – Open the Shala Fully

And we cant wait! We are so looking forward to seeing everyone in real life. We may have all changed a little bit inside, but change helps us grow and when we bring this growth to Yoga we might wake up to the perfection that is already in all of us, ending our misunderstanding that we ever needed fixing. The pure knowledge that we are enough just as we are.

Look forward seeing you all soon,

With Love and Kindness,

Jinty and Neil

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