Spring Newsletter

coming out of Lockdown

Today as the Sun shines and the birds sing there is a feeling of Spring. And most of us will breathe a sigh of relief at the thought of the freedom that is (hopefully) just around the corner.

One of my Teachers ( at the OCHS) and friend, Daniel Simpson, has written a wonderful book called The Truth of Yoga, I can highly recommend it.  When we can open up the Shala to more folk Daniel plans to come and talk to us about his book, have a Q&A and a book signing which will be great. We hope you will join us.

Bhagavad-Gitā 6.5

One should uplift the Soul by means of the Soul,One should not let the Soul become disheartened,For the Soul, alone, is the friend of the Soul,And the Soul, alone, can be the enemy of the Soul.

Translation by Zoë Slatoff

I have been busy starting a new Podcast with a good friend, Louise. It is called Womenkind Collective and is a light hearted weekly podcast about all things women (although you don’t have to be a women to enjoy it).

We would like to make sure that the every life of a women is given a voice, from periods, pregnancy and menopause to health, food, friendship and relationships.

We would love you to join us in the Collective you can listen here or our first episode below. If you enjoy it, it would really help us if you subscribe, follow, and leave a review on your favourite podcast platform (its on most).

Girls Aloud with Kim McCabe, author & founder of Rites for Girls WomenKind Collective

This week’s podcast is all about the girls with the founder of Rites For Girls, Kim McCabe, an organisation who’s mission is to change the world – one girl at a time, Rites for Girls mentors girls right through their adolescence they also run the Girls Net course a six-week journey for girls equipping them for times of challenge and change. We also talk to a Girl’s Net Mentor, Naomi Scholger and find out how the sessions help girls and how they are run. We have our Book Collective with Anita Diamant’s The Red Tent and discover a first menstrual ritual when entering The Red Tent. There’s fun with our WI the Cock and Mocktails, did we manage to serve up a new cocktail? There’s fashion and make-up news for the over 50’s (!) and we find out why an MP in England believes people living in poverty can’t cook…! And there’s also the Collective’s lovely comments.   If you have teenage girls or remember the anxiety and angst about being a teenage girl back in the day then you will understand why our guest Kim McCabe founded and is a Director of Rites for Girls since 2011 and is a home-educating mother of three. As originator and facilitator of Girls Journeying Together programmes, she offers year-long groups for girls with simultaneous support for their mothers. Kim believes that supporting and celebrating the female pre-teen and teenager gives girls the tools and understanding for life. In Girls Journeying Together groups of preteen girls prepare for puberty and learn how to take charge of their emotional, social, and mental well-being. This guidance continues through their teenage years. Facilitators also support their mothers as the girls journey through this pivotal phase. Girls’ Net provides guidance and camaraderie through times of challenge to small groups of same-age girls (aged 8-18) in weekly online sessions.  Mentors offer tools for coping well and the girls access their inner resources while also realising that they’re not alone. Kim aims to make growing up for girls an easier, safer, and better supported journey. We also meet Naomi Scholger who has recently trained as a Girls Net Mentor and is currently running her first online group for 15 year old girls. She talks about the similarities of teens and menopause, saying menopause is like a second adolescence. You can find out more from the Rites for Girls courses & book here https://www.ritesforgirls.com/   The Book Collective have read up to chapter 3 of Anita Diamant’s The Red tent, we get to know Jacob and how men were polygamous. Rachel cannot marry until she has her first bleed, and when she does we learn the rituals of the women in The Red Tent and the first moon blood of a virgin is a powerful libation for the crops. Next week we read to the end of part one.   Our WI Cock and Mocktail making goes fizzingly well with a zesty duo using lime, oranges, ginger and mint. Jinty’s mocktail – The Rebel without the Sauce, & Lou’s _ Moginto (or should it be MoGintea?) Rebel without the sauce- 1 part Ginger extract, 1 part freshly squeezed orange juice, topped up with Rose Nozecco, garnished with a slice of Orange Moginto- fresh raspberries, crushed mint, 1 part gin, 1 part ice and mint cordial topped up with sparkling water.   Our campaign for a Menopause Clinic in Devon is moving closer but we still need signatures on our petition: https://www.change.org/p/wheresmyclinic Or to send your testimonials please email us: menopauseclinicdc@gmail.com And finally, if you would like the templates to send to your MP or CCG please visit our website: https://menopauseclinicfordevon.co.uk — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/jinty-sheerin/message
  1. Girls Aloud with Kim McCabe, author & founder of Rites for Girls
  2. Fatigue, & what you can do about it, with guest Wendy Hill
  3. Destination Post Menopause
  4. NHS Menopause Clinics with Dr Clare Spencer & Dr Lindsey Thomas
  5. Natural Solutions for Menopause Symptoms with guest Karen Newby

The first day of the Meteorological Spring has already begun on 1st March but the Astrological Spring begins this Saturday, 20th March, the Spring Equinox, marking the return of a warmer climate, longer days and most importantly for all of us in the UK, change.

I think this is change that we are all ready for. With more than 24 million people in the UK vaccinated (first dose) so far, we hope to feel safer as we gingerly sneak out of Lockdown.

We hope that you are all okay and that lockdown has not been too difficult or painful for you. Both Neil and I have been using this time for Svadyāya – self study and learning. 

For me, in between my other jobs as family PA, cook, cleaner, mentor, teacher, dog walker and general dogs body- Ha  
As well as learning through Asana, my physical practice, I am currently exploring Ethics and sustainability in the Yoga world plus delving deeper into Yoga Anatomy and Philosophy.

Both Neil and I hope to bring new classes and workshops to AYE so that when we open we can give our students the opportunity to explore these subjects for themselves. There will definitely be some Spring Changes to our class schedule and also to the classes themselves.

It is so wonderful to see so many of you very week on screen, making space in your home and in your lives, it really does make my day. But don’t worry if you’ve not found the time, every day is a new day and our practice is there to give us joy, not to be another burden. If you’d like to start at home again and need some motivation please message

Our rough plan right now is this

March 29th – No change

April 12th – The Shala will open for private classes, family or social bubbles and 1-2-1’s

May 17th – Open the Shala for classes (we are not sure if we will be limited to the rule of 6 yet)

June 21st – Open the Shala Fully

And we cant wait! We are so looking forward to seeing everyone in real life. We may have all changed a little bit inside, but change helps us grow and when we bring this growth to Yoga we might wake up to the perfection that is already in all of us, ending our misunderstanding that we ever needed fixing. The pure knowledge that we are enough just as we are.

Look forward seeing you all soon,

With Love and Kindness,

Jinty and Neil

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