Shala opening

It is mid May 2021 and we are opening up the Shala to you for classes for the first time this Year.

It seems crazy doesn’t it. It also feels amazing.

We would like to give our gratitude to everyone that attended our online classes, it was so good (and important to us) to see you every week, keep you motivated, and stay connected. It also keeps a few pennies going in the pot to keep Neil and I in coffee.

We hope that our videos have helped those of you that could not make the zoom classes, or that you may have found peace in a home practice without any external help at all.

If you didn’t manage to practice please don’t worry, other things can become our practice, we have to choose and prioritise. We are living through exceptional circumstances and no one should feel guilt or disappointment in themselves.

You will all be welcome in the Shala, where we open with limited space and classes but hope to build as/if our Country gradually opens up.

Click here to book Primary led and Mysore classes

We have new 4 week course starting in June which is in line with what Neil and I have been learning throughout this last year. The importance of Function of our Yoga practice over its Form (what we believe we should look like). Find details and book here

Jinty will also be Starting a course of two workshops of Menopause Yoga for anyone experiencing Peri- Menopause, Menopause or Post menopause or if you think you are one of these but insure what they mean, then this is definitely for you. 

We will discuss the many symptoms of Menopause, Hormone Replacement Therapy and other methods of coping with symptoms.

You will learn a short, easy Yoga practice and breathing techniques that you can practice at home that may help with symptoms such as anxiety, stress, insomnia, weight gain and lack of confidence, you do not have to be fit or flexible. You can learn Yoga whatever your age, weight or disability, ailment or injury.

Jinty is a member of the British Menopause Society and, as so, is current with the NICE guidelines and knows what women should expect from their GP.

By the end of these worshops we hope that you will be more confident in your menopause and (if you want to ) visiting your GP, with the knowledge and tools gained.

You can book this here

Yoga helps us Know that we are already enough as we are, it helps us to be able to enjoy life by being more in the moment and not stress about tomorrow or yesterday.

Jinty also has her podcast which is going well.

you can listen to the latest episode here

The Mothers of Modern Gynaecology WomenKind Collective

In this weeks podcast Jinty and Lou were moved by the story of three black slave women, the Mothers of Modern Gynaecology, Anarcha, Betsy and Lucy. They were three enslaved women with Vesticovaginal Fistulas that were ‘gifted’ to Dr James Marion Simms, the man credited with inventing the field of Gynaecology. We look into what their lives may have been like.   The great sacrifice of the Mother’s of modern gynaecology, Anarcha, Lucy and Betsy, is a story everyone should know, Jinty and Lou find out why slave girls and women were used and the brutal procedures they endured without anesthetic. Women have always played a pivotal part in medicine and childbirth from the wise women through to the wonderful midwifes we have today and we find out how these women pioneered the midwifery path. Book Collective is on the penultimate read of Three Women by Lisa Taddeo and we continue with the story of the 3 women, Maggie’s court case and the outcome, Sloane’s story and Lina’s unraveling, we talk about how the characters stories are coming to a head The Foodie Collective this month is Brain Food and Jinty has prepared an alternative salad and we learn about the Neuro 9 that keeps our brains happy. There are Tips for brain health from the 30-day Alzheimer’s solution book by Dean and Ayesha Sherzai. Jinty and Lou were invited to join in a Glow fest zoom 90’s dancercise with the lovely Elena, there was a lot of laughter and we have realized we will not be asked to go on Strictly but find out how we really got on plus all the details of Elena’s Sunday Morning class.   We have also entered a competition to win recording equipment and would love you to vote for us by clicking on this link
  1. The Mothers of Modern Gynaecology
  2. Infertility Treatment and the postcode lottery
  3. Menopause symptoms and interesting words!
  4. 50 shades of Green
  5. Let’s talk about Sex

Looking forward to seeing you all soon ,

Jinty and Neil

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