October Mysore

Last weeks full moon.

Heading in to Autumn like ‘what the heck happened to Spring and Summer?’
How are things with you?

Autumn is a time of change and as the children go back to school and University they will notice this change more than In previous years. And so will we as we start to get back into clubs, groups or work that were once our familiar routine. We may be nervous, we might be full of enthusiasm or we may have decided to make significant changes to our old routines. All of those choices are okay. I think it is important to follow what you are comfortable with (as long as it does not effect negatively those around you) without judgment of others that you may feel are either too lapse or too careful.

This is why we are taking our classes from month to month, adding and taking away where there is demand.
For now we have dropped the Friday morning Zoom class and added a Wednesday Evening Guided Primary in the Shala.
We have also added a Saturday 4 week course, Ashtanga In-Depth which is now full (waiting list available) and a Menopause Yoga Workshop /Retreat which is also full.

We are also adding 4 Mysore classes every Thursday From 1st October, 7pm.
This will be available to book soon and we would prefer folk to book all four classes for consistency but understand this may be difficult for some of you so they are all available to book separately.

We also hope to add a ‘Not Ashtanga’ class soon.
This class will give you a chance to unwind and soften your practice (if you already have more of a yang type practice like Ashtanga).
Suitable for beginners to Yoga and Pregnant women too.

Present timetable;

Monday’s 7pm Guided Primary

Wednesday’s 7pm Guided Primary

Sunday’s 7am Mysore

From 19th September Ashtanga In-depth course (4 Saturday mornings)

Sunday 27th September MY workshop 1-4,30pm

From 1st October Thursday 7pm Mysore (4 classes)

starting soon – Not Ashtanga class

Thank you for your continued support whether via the Shala classes or videos, we hope to see you all soon.

Jinty and Neil

Ashtanga Yoga In-Depth

🦦Join us for a course of four workshops where we will be taking a closer look at the Ashtanga Yoga system, and how a regular practice can support you.🦥

🔥We will practice and discuss Tristana, Ujjayi Breath, Dristi and Bandh’s, the foundation of Ashtanga Yoga, a tool to help nurture presence of mind, focus, flexibility and stability.🦩

🐌This will be a comprehensive guide to the inner (and outer) workings of this practice.🦚

🦉You will learn;

1) The fundamentals of Sun Salutations, standing, seated and supine postures.

2) How to move from a huffing, puffing work-out to a refined, rhythmic flow.

3) Specific activities to help connect with your Bandha’s and build more stability.

4) Options and modifications of postures to allow for tighter joints, muscles or injury.

5) How you can cultivate a 6 day week practice with ease (no matter how busy you are!)

6) More about yourself.

🐒Who is this course for?

🌺Anyone that already practices Ashtanga Yoga that is genuine in their wish to learn more, whether you’ve been practicing for 8 weeks or 8 years.

✌️Someone that is prepared to do 15 minutes Homework at least 3 times a week during the course.

🙏To reap the benefits of Yoga we have to practice it, talking/reading about it or wearing all the ‘right’ gear (and no idea) is not Yoga.

😊With the current COVID guidelines this is a great opportunity, we can only have a small group of up to 6 people.

👊🏻Between us we have 25 years experience in Ashtanga Yoga to share with you.
🦁We will support you and encourage you, all we ask is that you commit to turning up and doing the work……… You won’t regret it


Saturday 19th September – 10th October
Time – 10am-12
Price – £80

Shala Opening after Lockdown

Are you ready to dip your toes in to a face to face Class in our Shala?

We are planning our first classes back after Lockdown;

Sunday 2nd August – 7am – Mysore

Monday 3rd August – 7pm – Guided Full or Half Primary

This is new for us all so can we work together?🙏

We will have 6 students and 1 teacher so you will feel safe and get plenty of space and attention (that’s a good thing🤪)

If the spaces get filled quickly we will put on more classes, if they are not full they will not take place.
Sorry but this the only way we can offer classes presently (without a massive price rise). It is so difficult.

Please only book via email or the booking button on our Facebook page.
Pre paid or class passes to confirm booking.

Our Classes on Zoom will remain going for now too.

Love and gratitude for your support near and far,

Jinty and Neil 🤗

Shala latest news


How are you?

We hope that you are doing well. Today is the 4th of July, the day that we are able to get our hair cut, have a meal out or go to the Pub! But we still cant practice together in the same space.

Neil and I will only open for classes when we know that we can keep it safe for everyone and that time is not now.  To keep a social distance in our Shala would mean classes of 4 or 5, added to this the fact that in Ashtanga we sweat (a lot), jump around a bit (not always keeping to our mats) and Breathe.

We can offer private classes in the Shala for those in a social bubble together, and we continue our Zoom online, live weekly classes. Plus you can find free classes with us on our YouTube Channel. You can also connect with the AYE community through our Facebook page, groups and Instagram.



The online classes and social media connection has been wonderful for Neil and I and, I believe, for most of you that have tried it.  Some of you have said that they have kept you going throughout lockdown. And they have inspired you to begin that home practice that has eluded you for years!  Yay! No, it is not quite the same but it does have many benefits. We were been able to do the classes for free to begin with as we both felt we did not want to profit from an already difficult situation for most folks.  As time has gone on you asked if you could pay and this has been very much appreciated. This also feels as it should be for now as time is moving on and folk are more aware of their financial circumstances, but we continue to keep the cost as low as we can and offer our classes completely free if you have been, or still are financially affected by the crisis.

We are also adding Pop up Classes such as Sunday 5th July, a Mysore Class from afar! Still time to register. Jinty is doing Menopause Yoga Workshops and Classes too, these may be face to face earlier than we can teach Ashtanga as we have smaller groups and we don’t move around as much. We are still optimistic that the Menopause Yoga retreat day will happen this year.

For both of us personally our Yoga and Meditation has been key to getting through this period. Like you, we have faced difficulties, situations that have tested us to the max, this is when our Yoga is needed most.

For now, our weekly classes remain the same but may change if you require them to. So please keep communicating with us. If you come to a morning class that is going to be impossible for you to get to soon, because of work or school, then please let us know, if enough folk ask we can run an evening class on zoom.

We are very grateful for your support and friendship,

sending you Loving Kindness,

Jinty and Neil


writtenclosing chant



Home practice

Some Tips if you need some motivation.

rolled up mat

Is this what your Yoga mat looks like most of the time during lockdown? Rolled up, gathering dust. Do you only touch it to move it out of the way? 😱
If so You’re not on you’re own. 😀
Motivation to practice at home is not easy – it is often harder than the practice itself. But here are a few tips which may help:
1) ☀️ Plan just 15 minutes for your practice, you may feel like doing a bit more once you start but 15 minutes is a great practice. 🧘‍♀️
🌑 Do Not plan or try to crash out a 90 minute full practice when you haven’t been on your mat for 9weeks. You may hurt yourself and you will definitely take away any motivation to practice for the next day 😧
2) ☀️ Set a time that suits you (& family), early morning? Evening? When family go out?
🌑 Don’t think the right time will just happen, you have to make time happen.
3) ☀️ Put some motivational music on 🎶
🧘‍♀️ Don’t think everything has to be a certain way- it is your practice, in your home, if it helps do it 🤘
4) ☀️ Remember how good the Yoga makes you feel afterward and know that your day will be better if you practice 😊
🌑 Don’t talk yourself out of it because you stubbed your toe or got a paper cut yesterday 🤭
5)☀️ Forget about when you last practiced, today’s practice is all that matters 🧘🏻‍♂️
🌑 Don’t talk yourself out of a practice because you think you’ve lost your strength/flexibility/headstand- it won’t come back unless you…….practice 😏
6)☀️ Lay your mat out, sit on it with an espresso before you practice. The espresso may motivate you more to begin with! ☕️
🌑 Don’t lay your mat out, make a big pot of coffee and start reading a magazine 📖
the coffee will still be hot in 15minutes post practice 👏
We hope this helps. Don’t feel bad for not practicing but don’t let the fact that you haven’t so far stop you either. 🤨
Drop us a line if we can help support you any more 🙄🙏🏼
Jinty and Neil x
When you do get on your mat, practice so that you look forward (not dread) the next one 🙏🏼


AYE Update

How are you?

We hope that you are alright and are managing to navigate your way to who knows where in this crazy period we are in. The only way is through as they say!

We are all ok here at AYE.  Neil made it back safely from Thailand, earlier than planned before they closed borders.

We hope that you are managing to practice.  It can be difficult, even if we have time on our hands, sometimes the motivation is just not there. If this is the case check out our 15 minute practice on our new YouTube channel. Trust me, you will feel so much better for it.

We have lots of practices on our channel, depending on how you are feeling.

Also new for us is our Live ZOOM classes both guided primary, you can choose to do the Full practice or half Primary. We have had great feedback, the next best thing to being together.




Free for anyone that has been financially affected,

2 Virtual Classes for one of your class passes or

Donation via bac’s

email or text to book and we will send you the link

Sending love and kindness to you all,

see you sooner, in your living room,

or later, in the Shala,


Jinty and Neil



Shala Closure

Only a few days ago the phrases ‘self isolation’ and ‘social distancing’ were not in our vocabulary. How quickly they have become not just familiar but every day words.

Today, Tuesday 17th March, the UK wakes up to a new reality and new measures, ceasing all non-essential contact with others is a big ask for everyone.  For now compassion means looking at the bigger picture, learning from Countries like Italy, staying mindful and believing that every single one of us is doing the best they can.

Although we know, that for us, Yoga is essential, it is not essential to practice in a Shala. You can practice anywhere.

I have spoken with Neil and with this in mind, we have decided that our Shala will be closed until 1st April, to help stop or slow the spread of COVID-19. We will review this date as we move forward.

Any Class passes will be valid when you return, regardless of date.  If you are booked on any courses or workshops during this period we will be in contact with you directly to offer refunds or rescheduling.

In the next few days Jinty is hoping to be able to offer, on YouTube, a Guided Primary series that you can follow at home, and if we manage that okay, we will record some ideas for a shorter practice too.  We have the help of a wonderful member of our AYE community which we are very grateful for.  It won’t be professional but it will be your Shala with (one of ) your teachers. 

Our community is important so keep in touch, any questions regarding a home practice please email or message Jinty or Neil.

Several members of our Ashtanga Community have also, kindly, offered help to anyone that is self isolating, such as shopping etc. So please ask.

We will all have our own personal battles with this virus, whether physically, emotionally, financially or all of these. 

You will need your practice of Yoga or meditation to help keep you balanced and mindful. 

Keep practicing.

Stay well, stay in touch,

Much Love 

Jinty and Neil



Ashtanga, Menopause & Me

A daily Ashtanga Yoga practice has supported me throughout every aspect of my life since my brother, Neil, began teaching me nearly 12 Years ago.  

 It is the weight and the string that grounds me when I am flying around, kite like, in the new, unchartered world that is the…….. Da Da Dah….. Peri-Menopause!

Of course it is not really uncharted, our mothers, their mothers and so on got there before us, if they lived long enough.  So why did it feel like I was stumbling around looking for a light switch?

Most women, actually all the women, that I have spoken to about the Menopause say that their mothers never told them anything. And if they asked they would be told something helpful like ‘Well we just got on with it in those days’. And some women did, they were lucky but others (back then in the dark ages) struggled with everyday life not knowing that their darkness was caused by fluctuating hormones, a gradual, or sometimes sudden, loss of oestrogen. 

The Doctors might say ‘She suffers with her nerves’ and would either offer, highly addictive, drugs or send her off to an institution where women often took their own lives.  The professionals and women themselves would whisper its name ‘The Change’ if they spoke about it at all.

But our Menopause is not our mothers Menopause!

You see Peri-menopause gaslights you, it makes you believe that you are going mad, although instinct tells you that something is not right, most of the symptoms can be explained away by another diagnosis, or over work etc etc….. Many women being sent away from their GP with anti-Anxiety pills or other medication that will not help the root cause which is the depletion of our hormones. (Nothing wrong with anti-anxiety medication in the right place of course). Connecting the dots ourselves is easy once we know the many symptoms but because we were never told what to look out for and GP’s do not do any mandatory Menopause training, some are ill equipped to deal with us and may tell us we are too young and give no explanation. There are exceptions course and I was very lucky to have a wonderful, GP, Dr Charlotte Chandler.  But what and who do we believe when it comes to the advice that we are given? And don’t even get me started on HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy), the attitudes, the media, the myths and the lies we have been sold over the years. Talking about the recent shortage of HRT supplies in the UK Peter Greenhouse from the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists says “It is an absolute scandal. Im sure if this were a mans problem, the Government or somebody would have sorted it by now” 

It’s 2020 and women are staying silent no longer. We live in different times, we work longer hours, have children later in life or no children, we are expected to do it all, have it all, the media let us believe that we should be a domestic goddess whilst wearing Agent Provocateur. We have stress that most of our mothers did not, accentuating our symptoms. 

The #metoo movement has given women a voice, and opened the door for us to discuss everything, not only sexual abuse, but sexuality, gender, equality, menstruation problems and Menopause.

I carried on fumbling around for almost two years before I eventually found the light switch, more of a dimmer switch I suppose, a gradual realisation and acceptance of what was happening to me and women around me. I needed to educate myself as to exactly what was going on in my body and mind. 

I was quite willing to accept that I may not be able to practice as much or for as long but I also wanted to make sure I kept as healthy as I could. And then the Universe spoke, well Dr Louise Newson actually, a menopause specialist and a fellow Ashtanga practitioner. Through her I met Petra Coveney, Menopause Yoga pioneer, who I went on to train with.

It is now a really exciting time, the fear, loss and grief has been replaced with a sense of privilege and freedom.  Now I know what my body needs, I know what to expect, the fatigue is gone and my energy has returned. 

So just as Ashtanga Yoga supports me the MY education supports my Ashtanga practice and teaching, which is stronger than ever,  it also allows me to listen to my body and rest when needed.

I hope that our MY workshops will give this same Confidence, Education and Empowerment to all the women that attend so that we can continue to grow and enjoy anything that we want to do whether that is travel, work, or Yoga.



“We need to normalise menopause, not be shamed about it. And we women need to cast off our fear and feel empowered to seek the help we deserve for this important phase of our lives”  Dr Ginni Mansberg





Menopause Yoga



Jinty is one of the first Yoga teachers to be trained in Menopause Yoga, hand picked by Petra Coveney to take part in this groundbreaking course and qualifying with the British Wheel of Yoga and the Yoga Alliance in Menopause Yoga (MY).  Jinty is also a member of the British Menopause Society

What is Menopause Yoga?

At MY we seek to Educate and Empower women to Embrace Menopause.

The M.Y method invites women to view menopause as an opportunity to pause and maybe reassess their lives, to help them understand what happens to their bodies during this time and make lifestyle changes to transition positively to the next stage

Our Workshops give you the space and time to enjoy the Menopause Yoga practice, get the latest information on what western medicine has to offer women, the truths and the myths. Natural remedies, combined with eastern healthcare practices such as Indian Ayurveda, designed to support women through this time of transition. 

 We will discuss symptoms and what we can do to reduce them.

You will practice specially adapted Yoga Asanas, (suitable for everyone) some that are energising and others of a more restorative nature for relaxation and nurturing.  You will also learn some Pranayama breathing, guided meditation and visualisation. 

In our 90 minute classes/courses we practice Yoga postures to reduce and focus on our varying menopause Symptoms but also what is best to help balance our Ayurvedic Dośa’s.

Work shops

Dates- Sunday 26th January 2020, (full)
February 9th 2020, (full)
March 8th 2020, (full)
April 5th 2020, ( full)

Please email Jinty  for new dates coming soon

Time 1-5pm,
Place AYE Shala

(Waiting list for full workshops)


No previous Yoga experience needed, For ALL women that are in peri-menopause, menopause or post menopause.

The M.Y method invites women to view menopause as an opportunity to pause and maybe reassess their lives, to help them understand what happens to their bodies during this time and make lifestyle changes to transition positively to the next stage.
In this workshop retreat we will be looking at the latest that western medicine has to offer women. The truths and the myths. Natural remedies, Combined with eastern healthcare practices designed to support women through this time of transition.
We will discuss symptoms and what we can do to reduce them.
You will practice specially adapted Yoga Asanas, (suitable for everyone) some that are energising and others of a more restorative nature for relaxation and nurturing. You will also learn some Pranayama breathing, guided meditation and visualisation.
I hope that you will feel nourished and nurtured at the end of your workshop/retreat and also confident and empowered knowing that you have an M.Y tool kit in your back pocket!

Everyone will get a goody bag and tea/coffee.
There will also be follow up M.Y workshops, classes and support so if you are struggling you will not be on your own.

Please PM us on facebook, text 07849818867 or email us to book your place.


Full Day Retreat

Date – Sunday 3rd May,
Time – 10am – 5pm,
Place- AYE Shala,
Cost – £68

This Retreat is for ALL women that are in peri-menopause, menopause or post menopause. 

This special event is a day long retreat that gives you the space and time to feel Nourished and Nurtured, enjoy the Menopause Yoga practice, get the latest information on what western medicine has to offer women, the truths and the myths. Natural remedies, combined with eastern healthcare practices designed to support women through this time of transition. 

 We will discuss symptoms and what we can do to reduce them.

You will practice specially adapted Yoga Asanas, (suitable for everyone) some that are energising and others of a more restorative nature for relaxation and nurturing, including Yoga Nidra (yogic Sleep) You will also learn some Pranayama breathing, guided meditation and visualisation. 

We will delve into how essential oils can help you with menopause symptoms in an interactive workshop with Aromatherapist Jo Samuel.

You can completely switch off with an Ayurvedic Massage from Julie Twigg of Seabease, Exmouth and Sidmouth.

We can sit in the garden and enjoy (weather permitting) a gorgeous Vegan lunch provided by Sundowners of Exmouth.

Hot drinks available all day.

You will also receive a special MY Goodie Bag that will contain a Menopause Yoga blend of essential oil made by Aromatherapist Jo.




December News


 Another wonderful year here at A.Y.E.

To show our gratitude we would like you to join us at our Annual Christmas Gathering.  It is a free event for any of the wonderful yogis that have come through the AYE door this year (or any year).  A chance for our community to enjoy a chat over a hot Masala Chai.  It will take place after our early, 7am Mysore class on Sunday 15th December, Why not come and practice too, or pop along from 8.30am. There might be a few tasty treats too. 

Please let us know if you plan on coming so I can make enough chai.

AYE Christmas hours

We close on the 18th December, we open again at 18.30pm on the 2nd January 2020, for the 18.30 Mysore Class, after which our usual weekly schedule will resume.


 Free Ashtanga Yoga Taster class

 Friday 17th January 18.30-20.00pm

Do you, or someone you know want to try Ashtanga Yoga but are unsure where to begin?  This is a free class for anyone that is curious, whatever, if any, yoga experience you have.  You will learn the FUNdementals of Ashtanga Yoga, we will teach you a short practice, followed by any questions that you may have. Many of the people that came to this event last year are still enjoying Yoga’s many benefits and regularly practice with us at AYE. It is a great way to kick start your New Year.

Places are limited so book early via email.

Mats are provided, plenty of help.  We look forward to welcoming you to our AYE community.


Menopause Yoga for the New Year



Jinty has been studying Menopause Yoga with Petra Coveney,  and will be bringing you a Menopause Yoga workshop at the end of January, 2020.

Petra’s Menopause Yoga (M.Y) method is a holistic system that includes both a positive approach and a practical method that gives the women a toolkit to support them on their menopausal journey.

The M.Y Method is a unique combination of western medicine and eastern healthcare practices. Combining scientific knowledge of hormone changes during menopause, how it affects women bodies, minds and emotions with special adapted Yoga Asanas, Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

M.Y ultimately aims to Empower women through Education to Embrace the Menopause.

More Details coming very soon, to register your interest please email us at here

Wishing you Peace this Christmas

see you in the New Year

 Keep Practicing   xxx