December News


 Another wonderful year here at A.Y.E.

To show our gratitude we would like you to join us at our Annual Christmas Gathering.  It is a free event for any of the wonderful yogis that have come through the AYE door this year (or any year).  A chance for our community to enjoy a chat over a hot Masala Chai.  It will take place after our early, 7am Mysore class on Sunday 15th December, Why not come and practice too, or pop along from 8.30am. There might be a few tasty treats too. 

Please let us know if you plan on coming so I can make enough chai.

AYE Christmas hours

We close on the 18th December, we open again at 18.30pm on the 2nd January 2020, for the 18.30 Mysore Class, after which our usual weekly schedule will resume.


 Free Ashtanga Yoga Taster class

 Friday 17th January 18.30-20.00pm

Do you, or someone you know want to try Ashtanga Yoga but are unsure where to begin?  This is a free class for anyone that is curious, whatever, if any, yoga experience you have.  You will learn the FUNdementals of Ashtanga Yoga, we will teach you a short practice, followed by any questions that you may have. Many of the people that came to this event last year are still enjoying Yoga’s many benefits and regularly practice with us at AYE. It is a great way to kick start your New Year.

Places are limited so book early via email.

Mats are provided, plenty of help.  We look forward to welcoming you to our AYE community.


Menopause Yoga for the New Year



Jinty has been studying Menopause Yoga with Petra Coveney,  and will be bringing you a Menopause Yoga workshop at the end of January, 2020.

Petra’s Menopause Yoga (M.Y) method is a holistic system that includes both a positive approach and a practical method that gives the women a toolkit to support them on their menopausal journey.

The M.Y Method is a unique combination of western medicine and eastern healthcare practices. Combining scientific knowledge of hormone changes during menopause, how it affects women bodies, minds and emotions with special adapted Yoga Asanas, Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

M.Y ultimately aims to Empower women through Education to Embrace the Menopause.

More Details coming very soon, to register your interest please email us at here

Wishing you Peace this Christmas

see you in the New Year

 Keep Practicing   xxx







The Core of Ashtanga Yoga

fullsizeoutput_41f0A Weekend of Practice &Workshops with Andrea Lutz (Berlin)

Come and join us for this amazing weekend with the wonderful Andrea Lutz ,  from 7 – 9. June 2019.

Immerse yourself, give yourself time to deepen your practice, become familiar with the illusive Bandhas, discover breath techniques (paranayama). Come with a friend or make it your very own retreat weekend. (find out more about Exmouth here)
In these workshops Andrea will focus on
– the energetic Plane of the practice,
– the core techniques: Breath, Bandhas & Drishti
– the holistic approach to integrate the intense practice in our lives.
On Friday there will be a led class in the traditional Sanskrit counting followed by a short introduction of the main aspects of Andrea´s teaching.
On Saturday and Sunday we will start with a short introduction to Pranayama (non retention) and a 15min sitting Meditation. Directly followed by a Mysore class where Andrea will offer personal support for every student. After a break we will explore in depth and detail selected Asanas of the Primary Series with their physical and energetic alignment. The Breath and the Bandhas will be accentuated, which will help you to increase your core strength and to refine your practice. You will learn how to use weight and gravity to find more ease and lightness. You can progress your inner strength which allows you to release all unnecessary tension in the body and mind.
Andrea will also discuss the energetic body, how the Ashtanga practice has the potential to heal on all levels and about the importance of a regular and dedicated practice to achieve the best results.
At the end of the afternoon class, we will have some time to discuss the topics you are interested in, or any questions you may have.
Dates & Timings
Friday 7th June
18:30 – 20:00 Led class, Introduction to the workshop
Saturday 8th June
08:30 – 09:00 Meditation & Pranayama
09:00 – 11:00 Mysore
12:30 – 15:30 Asana Lab, theory, talk and Q & A
Sunday 9th June
08:30 – 09:00 Meditation & Pranayama
09:00 – 11:00 Mysore
12:30 – 15:00 Technology of the practice, theory, talk and Q & A
early bird price £120, (book before 30/4/19)
or £135 (after the above date.)
(Open to anyone with some Ashtanga yoga experience.)
Please email us to book your place, or book via our Facebook page,
Deposit required for confirmation
If you do not live in or near Exmouth we are happy to help with accommodation.
Our purpose built Shala is 10 minute walk from the Beach, part of the beautiful Jurassic Coast line. 
About Andrea:
Andrea started her Yoga practice in 1986 first in the tradition of Shivananda and Iyengar until she met in 1997 her first Ashtanga Yoga teacher. Immediately she was fascinated by this challenging tradition and is practicing daily since then.
Her Ashtanga Yoga practice is mainly influenced by the „old style” teachings of Sri K. Patthabi Jois, carried by her teachers Nancy Gilgoff and Manju P. Jois. With both she is closely connected since more than 15 years. She travels the world to teach and study and since 2006 she traveled every year to Maui to practice under the guidance of Nancy Gilgoff. She finished the ‘old’ third series with Nancy.
In 2009 Manju certified Andrea to teach Ashtanga Yoga, Pranayama and Chanting.
Additionally she completed 4 extended trips to Mysore/ India to study Ashtanga Yoga with Vijay Kumar and Pranayama with his brother Vinay Kumar.
Her whole adult life she is researching different ways of moving and healing the body and mind. Besides her studies in different Yoga traditions, Andrea has a profound background in Physiotherapy and Alternative Healing (“Heilpraktiker“) and she is a II Degree Reiki practioner. For more than 10 years she was fulltime active in performance art and dance.
Her love and deep interest focuses on the transformational aspects of the practice and the possibility to develop a higher level of awareness. Consciousness and compassion are main aspects of her teaching.
Andrea founded her own school, the Ashtanga Studio Berlin, in 2005, where she is still teaching daily Mysore classes.

‘Do something’ in case the scientists are right.


A while ago I received Nancy Gilgoff’s teaching schedule and with it was a heart felt message.  Nancy has given me her blessing to share this message.

I felt that sharing it was important for two main reasons;  1) It inspired me to try and do a bit more, so the more of us that read it the better, 2) I have just returned from Cambodia and was really impressed and surprised to see how well a third world country takes on these yogic values, because they care about life, the planet and their fellow humans.

Nancy’s message- ‘Recently a new study on climate change was released, and it certainly has gotten my attention. It has dire warnings for all of us that inhabit this planet we call home. 

As I’ve struggled to make sense of it all, I found, interestingly, the advice being given by the scientists, for what we as individuals can do to help avert possible catastrophe, sounds very similar to the yoga lifestyle: consume less, become vegetarian even vegan, and do work that supports life or right livelihood, they would say in yoga texts. So actually, all of us receiving this email should already be doing all of these things or at the very least, working to achieve these goals, as they are the among the main precepts of yoga practice.

 So whether or not you believe that the earth is heading in a VERY dangerous direction or not, you still, as yogis, are already committed to consuming less, becoming vegetarian, and serving others. So keep practicing………someday you teach……and ALL is coming….

For those of us that would like to “do something,” just in case the scientists are right, it is time to raise our voices. It is happening all over the world. The voice of the people is demanding immediate action from our governments and from the companies that support our lives, to avert possible catastrophic changes on the planet. Our voices are needed now, so please do what you can. It is time for each of us to take action by making the changes necessary in our own lives as well as putting pressure on our communities and leaders, both political and business, to support a green healthy future for all of earths inhabitants. Who knows, maybe, just maybe, we are witnessing the end (finally!!!) to Kali Yuga and the next Satya Yuga will begin. Yipee!!!!!’

Nancy Gilgoff-

Thank you Nancy,

It’s all so damn true!!!




Shortly after reading Nancys email Lucy & I visited Cambodia, a beautiful country but with extreme poverty, yet here they were ‘consuming less, serving others and certainly doing work that supports life or right livelihood’ 

A few things I was expecting to see on my visit to Siem Reap were Angkor Wat, museums, lots of hard to take poverty, and of course a fair few monks and Buddhist temples!            Yes, all these things were here, however, there was so much more.

Siem Reap is a buzzing city and many of the people living in poverty also have missing limbs through land mines. Add in a government that puts very little back into the country from the millions made from Angkor Wat visitors and it’s hard to take. 

But this little blog is not about the negative, it’s about the positive.

As tourists and human beings we couldn’t  help feel the need to help in some small way where possible, and we got this chance here. All we had to do was have the time of our lives and spend money mindfully in places where it may go a little way to help.

So here is where my surprises started.

The hotel was part of a cooperative with other hotels and restaurants that, not just provide a great service, they educate their staff on having as much of a plastic free hotel as they can, they recycle everything where possible, there are water refill stations, your room water is refilled daily in a big glass bottle with stopper, A percentage of your room fees goes to help local charities one of which I will talk about in a bit.

We all have to eat, Lucy (and I absolutely love to), luckily it turns out Siem Reap has the best quality vegan/vegetarian restaurants I’ve ever eaten in, gluten free options, organic, all locally sourced and some of the happiest staff you will meet.

Take a place like Sister Srey Cafe , here’s a little piece from there website.  “Our vision at Sister Srey Cafe is to support young Khmer students who struggle to keep a balance between study and supporting their family. Each staff member is trained in hospitality, English language skills, personal development, health & hygiene and banking. We are a stepping stone to a brighter future and a means for them to have skills and knowledge to approach the world empowered and confident.”

They are also part of a collective of cafes who work together to clean up the area, they work on a refill not landfill project and already have 85 refill stations here and 800 all over Asia, it’s a start. All their food waste goes to local farms to help out. You can search out lots of cafes like this on line, we hired mountain bikes and found it was fun and easy getting on google maps and finding our next place to eat whether it’s a evening meal or coffee and cake!!!!

Walking through one of the market streets Lucy was offered to try a frozen yogurt product, the ones where you get your favourite flavour and add all sorts of other nice stuff to it!!!   Anyway,I was talking to the manager, he was telling me he had worked every job here to learn and now it was his job to teach others and make a profit, then proudly told me they had built two houses with the extra profits for farming families who had lost their homes.

Took another clip from the website…..

Project Y Frozen Yogurt is an educational social enterprise that opened in 2015. We are located in Night Market Street, Siem Reap, and run by university students from the Cambodia Rural Students Trust, an NGO with the mission of breaking the poverty cycle through education.  All the profits remain in the NGO so we can sponsor more students and community projects. Beside the financial side, this store plays a very important role in building our students’ confidence and provides us with hands-on business education and experience!!   Our students work in six different business departments – including sales, marketing, operations, production, HR and finance – and we rotate between these departments every 6 months, so we get extensive business experience.   Our aim is to teach our students business fundamentals, so we can apply these skills for the rest of our lives and become the leaders of tomorrow!!”

Again people thinking about other people it was so heart warming.

Unfortunately there are still a lot of land mines in Cambodia in rural areas and especially on the boarder between Cambodia and Thailand, put there to stop Cambodians escaping into Thailand during the Khmer Rouge time. They are the sort of mine that very rarely kills, they take limbs, made for the purpose of pure fear to keep people in the country. In rural areas of course they have the big anti tank mines as well.

Now for the positive bit,  Apopo the Hero rats. These are African rats trained in finding mines. I watched this happen (see photo).  As soon as the rats find one they have a good scratch at it, then get a food reward, then move on to the next 2ft by 12 ft of area to be searched. They can do in three hours the same area that takes three men days. This is all charity (not government) funded.  They’re using them in many countries now. 

They also look very happy and healthy. Apparently African rats are intelligent and much more open to being trained. Your Cambodian rat is not interested he just likes doing ratty stuff I should imagine. And why not!!!!

So in case you are thinking of ever visiting this beautiful country here are a few things not to be missed (I could write all day of what a wonderful time you can have in Cambodia, but I will keep this shortish!)

The temples, it is worthwhile spending a few hours at Angkor National Museum first to find out the history behind the early Khmer kings and civilisation, they went from Hinduism to Buddhism but excepted both as one people.


The war museum is tough but well worth it, it’s worth having the guide, he does it for free and is passionate about it, just left him a good tip.

We are so lucky, as westerners, to be able to travel and see these places and can often feel guilty about our privileged position, but if we all just have a little look into where we are going and ask ourselves ‘is there any way we can spend our money more wisely and help at the same time?’ if yes then it has to be good.

If you have held the interest to read all this then I’m sure you’re doing your bit and more for the planet so thank you. 



Free Ashtanga Yoga taster class


Friday 18th January 6.30-8pm,  This is a FREE class with Jinty for beginners to Ashtanga Yoga.

It is open to anyone that is keen to learn Ashtanga Yoga but does not know where to start.
In this class you will learn the FUNdementals of Ashtanga, the similarities & how it differs from other types of yoga, a little of its traditional roots and, of course, a practice.
Plus time for any questions you may have too.

Afterward a Hot drink & a chance for a chat with Jinty & your fellow practitioners, to discuss where you go from here.
Please only apply for a place if you are serious about wanting to commit to a Yoga practice.
There will be lots of help available for you.
Apply only via email please, to Jinty at
Look forward to welcoming you to our AYE community 😊



Happy Holidays & Thank you


It is our AYE Christmas gathering on Sunday, 23rd December @ 7am.   A Half Primary Ashtanga Yoga class with meditation & chanting, followed by hot festive drinks & snacks & a chance to catch up with your yoga community.  Completely free as a Thank you from us for a wonderful year here at Ashtanga Yoga Exmouth.

With the exception of this free class there will be no classes from Thursday 20th December, we will be back on Sunday 6th January 2019 @ 7am for Mysore Class. With all our scheduled classes back to normal.  Keep practicing at home though, Sun salutations and 3 finishing postures daily (10 minutes, 6 days a week) is truly enough to make you feel great over Christmas and feel no guilt about a little over indulgence.

I am heading off to Sanskrit School at Oxford University with the OCSH and my Sanskrit teacher Zoe Slatoff from 24th January to 28th January so there will be no classes on Friday 24th or Sunday 27th January.

2019 looks to be a good year, we already have a 2 day work shop planned for June with the wonderful Andrea Lutz coming over from Berlin and more 6 Day Intensives & workshops with Neil & I.   Any specific aspect of Ashtanga Yoga that you would like to study more closely? Let us know.

Look out for details of our next FREE class….. a Beginners taster class on Friday 18th January 6.30-8pm. If you or someone you know has ever wanted to try Ashtanga Yoga this class is perfect.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and may the New Year bring you peace and happiness.

Jinty and Neil




2 Day Weekend Workshop with Vanessa Gilgoff & Neil Richardson


Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th November



A great opportunity to deepen your Ashtanga Practice, move it forward, have fun & learn more about yourself.
You will begin both days with a Mysore Class- This will be a small group with two teachers so plenty of individual attention given.
The second session will be Q&A style where we will discuss everything from the intricacies of Ashtanga Yoga postures to Yoga lifestyle. Expect lots of fun & laughter too.
Vanessa Gilgoff has been around Ashtanga yoga all of her life. She was raised in Maui, Hawaii, surrounded by people who were very passionate about Ashtanga yoga. She was practically doing yoga in the womb.
For the past 10 years she has been dedicated to the practice, and for the past six years she has been teaching all over the world, assisting her mother in workshops and bringing her own flavor and fun to these classes. Two years ago, she began assisting in the daily classes on Maui in the winters as well. She has been to Mysore, India, numerous times, and has always enjoyed a close relationship with the Jois family. Vanessa brings her own style into the yoga room and her classes are serious but also filled with lots of laughter. Throughout the year, she is on tour teaching in Europe and America the way that Pattabhi Jois originally taught her mother, Nancy Gilgoff, in 1973. Vanessa is very fortunate to have always considered Pattabhi Jois her grandfather, growing up with him as a constant presence in her life.
email us to book your place

6 Day Mysore Intensive with Vanessa Gilgoff and Neil Richardson


Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th November 8am

Monday 19th -Thursday 22nd November 6am

£80 for all 6 days

Do you have a daily practice? Or want to start one? Ashtanga Yoga is a 6 day a week practice, which you can do at home or in a Shala.
Practicing for 15 minutes a day is better than 90 minutes twice a month. Through a Mysore class you can build your practice, adding more postures when ready and refining the ones you do.
As your body and mind open your practice will change and grow & this is where this 6 day intensive comes into its own, helping create good habits, giving you confidence, moving your practice forward, all in a safe environment with 2 very experienced, compassionate teachers a small group setting.
Some Primary series knowledge needed (no beginners).
Whether you are practicing Primary, Intermediate or Advanced A, come for all 6 days, you will not regret it.
Bring a re-usable cup and grab your free coffee afterward.
Vanessa Gilgoff
Vanessa has been around Ashtanga yoga all of her life. She was raised in Maui, Hawaii, surrounded by people who were very passionate about Ashtanga yoga. She was practically doing yoga in the womb.
For the past 10 years she has been dedicated to the practice, and for the past six years she has been teaching all over the world, assisting her mother in workshops and bringing her own flavor and fun to these classes. Two years ago, she began assisting in the daily classes on Maui in the winters as well. She has been to Mysore, India, numerous times, and has always enjoyed a close relationship with the Jois family. Vanessa brings her own style into the yoga room and her classes are serious but also filled with lots of laughter. Throughout the year, she is on tour teaching in Europe and America the way that Pattabhi Jois originally taught her mother, Nancy Gilgoff, in 1973. Vanessa is very fortunate to have always considered Pattabhi Jois her grandfather, growing up with him as a constant presence in her life.
£80 for all 6 or £15 per class.
Booking essential, place confirmed on payment, limited places
email us to book

New AYE Beginners Programme


AYE Have your Back

We are thrilled to tell you about our new Beginners Programme @ AYE beginning April 2018.

Having run a lot of beginners/Intro courses over the years we have developed our Beginners Programme.

Things you need to know;

1) This is a 6 week (or 6 class) course.

2) You can start at any point (don’t have to wait for a specific date).

3) You can complete your 6 classes over 6 weeks (1 class per week) or 3 weeks (2 classes a week).

4) You will be taught in the traditional method, at your own pace, in this way we can ensure injuries or ailments within the body are allowed for & aided.

5) Each class will build from the previous one, adding postures when ready,  Ashtanga Yoga follows a sequence of postures in which students (eventually) commit to memory.

6) You have two days in the week to choose from (or do both), Sundays @7am, Thursdays @ 6.30pm.

7) You will be in a small class with 2 teachers.

8) You will learn the postures of the Primary series to a point appropriate for you.

9) By the end of your course you will be confident in your own Ashtanga Practice so that you may practice at home and/or be part of any of any Ashtanga class.


*Included in the programme price is your own brand new Yoga Mat and entry to 4 of our other classes for you to try.

We have found that coming with a friend or partner really helps with motivation and practice at home so we have a special price to reflect this.


1) Yoga Mat,
2) 6 x ‘beginners programme’ classes,
3) A choice of 4 other classes (while on the programme),
4) Hand outs of the Ashtanga Primary Series.

£75 per person or £130 for 2 people.

We look forward to welcoming you into our friendly & growing community at our purpose built Shala, AYE.

Contact us for any more info or share with anyone that is interested in starting Astanga Yoga

Nancy Gilgoff Practitioners Clinic @ AYE

fullsizeoutput_21aaThis summer we are thrilled to be welcoming Nancy Gilgoff to Ashtanga Yoga Exmouth.

The Practitioners Clinic is about you and your practice.
You will enjoy a (not too early) morning practice session plus afternoon sessions, during which we will examine the postures of the Primary Series. We will focus on ways to avoid injury while practicing, as well as on how to connect to the bandhas when moving in and out of the postures.
You will get lots of personal adjustments from Nancy as it is a small class of 20 maximum.
(Clinic open to anyone with an understanding of the Ashtanga Primary Series).
Nancy began practicing Ashtanga Yoga over forty years ago with Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, in Mysore, India. As a result of their long and close association, Nancy is able to teach with a style and touch that comes directly from Pattabhi Jois. When Nancy asked Jois how she should teach, he told her to “teach the way I taught you”—advice which she took to heart and continues to follow today.
Nancy’s studies over the years have also led her to other teachers, including Baba Hari Das and, for asana, instructors of Iyengar. In addition, she has and continues to pursue the dharma teachings of the Dalai Lama.
Nancy spends much of her time touring the United States, Europe, and Asia, teaching with a view to fostering loving-kindness and to sharing her love and experience of yoga. Click here for more
Price – *£195, 
Dates and *Approximate Timings;
Thursday 30th August
10-11.30am- Primary series led by Nancy,
Break for lunch
1-3.30pm – Workshop, Q&A with Nancy,
Friday 31st August
10-11.30am- Mysore Class with Nancy
Break for lunch
1-3.30pm – Workshop, Q&A with Nancy
Saturday 1st September-
10-11.30am – Mysore Class with Nancy
12-12.30pm – Loving Kindness meditation
Exmouth is a lovely seaside town. Accommodation can get booked up fairly early, we can give you some recommendations if required.
*£95 deposit with the balance to be paid at least 2 weeks before the Clinic.
Your place cannot be confirmed until deposit is paid with an email to let us know
Deposit can only be refunded if we have someone to take your place.
*timings are approximate and may change slightly.
Look Forward to seeing you,
Jinty and Neil

Happy New Year!

What will 2018 have in store for you?

Do you have plans, expectations, goals?
Plans are great but expectation not so much. Trouble with expectations is that they are not in the present.
We set ourselves up for disappointment either in ourselves or in someone close. This can lead to resentment and bad feeling which, if we are not mindful, can fester.
January is the master of Resolutions which carry huge expectations.
So if your Resolution involves more Yoga thats fantastic, try to have a plan but……….. not an expectation of ‘how many times you will practice’ or ‘how long you will practice’ or any goals like ‘by the time Neil gets back I will be able to do blah blah blah’.
If you do the work ALL these things will happen anyway and you will learn so much more along the way.
The work is not in the thinking, (in fact we are trying to let go of that) it is in the doing.
Take it one practice at a time, yes some of us need to plan baby sitters, work etc around classes, but don’t give yourself a hard time if it doesn’t work out, (by the same token don’t make excuses either! Stop thinking and DO)
Believe me whan I tell you that your teachers have no expectations of you…….Okay ……maybe one…….to turn up, get on your mat and begin……Om Shanti
Nb; the photo of Jesse the yoga dog is to grab your attention but please note that she has no expectations or resolutions and is one happy dog!

Wishing all our wonderful Ashtanga family an absolutely brilliant 2018 xxx